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2023.01SIA Bulletin January 2023
2023.02SIA Bulletin February 2023
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2022.01SIA Bulletin January 2022
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2022.03SIA Bulletin March 2022
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2022.10SIA Bulletin October 2022
2022.11SIA Bulletin November 2022
2022.12SIA Bulletin December 2022
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2021.11SIA Bulletin November 2021
2021.12SIA Bulletin December 2021
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2018.10SIA Bulletin October 2018
2018.11SIA Bulletin November 2018
2018.12SIA Bulletin December 2018
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2017.01SIA Bulletin January 2017
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2017.12SIA Bulletin December 2017
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2016.01SIA Bulletin January 2016
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2016.10SIA Bulletin October 2016
2016.11SIA Bulletin November 2016
2016.12SIA Bulletin December 2016
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2015.12SIA Bulletin December 2015
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2014.12SIA Bulletin December 2014
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2009.11SIA Bulletin November 2009
2009.12SIA Bulletin December 2009
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2008.02SIA Bulletin February 2008
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2008.10SIA Bulletin October 2008
2008.11SIA Bulletin November 2008
2008.12SIA Bulletin December 2008
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2007.01SIA Bulletin January 2007
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2006.09SIA Bulletin September 2006
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2005.11SIA Bulletin November 2005
2005.12SIA Bulletin December 2005
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2004.01SIA Bulletin January 2004
2004.02SIA Bulletin February 2004
2004.03SIA Bulletin March 2004
2004.04SIA Bulletin April 2004
2004.05SIA Bulletin May 2004
2004.06SIA Bulletin June 2004
2004.07SIA Bulletin July 2004
2004.08SIA Bulletin August 2004
2004.09SIA Bulletin September 2004
2004.10SIA Bulletin October 2004
2004.11SIA Bulletin November 2004
2004.12SIA Bulletin December 2004
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2003.08SIA Bulletin August 2003
2003.09SIA Bulletin September 2003
2003.10SIA Bulletin October 2003
2003.11SIA Bulletin November 2003
2003.11SIA Bulletin November 2003
2003.12SIA Bulletin December 2003

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

Area 48 Virtual Workshop

Safe Reopenings
Thursday June 4th 6:30pm-8pm
Visit event page for details

Area 61 Virtual Workshop

Reopening Meeting Spaces
Saturday June 6th 9am-10:30am
Visit event page for details

SIA General Meeting

Attend the next biz meeting to have your group's voice heard and learn more
Visit the SIA General Meeting page

Nassau Intergroup presents

Our common Welfare
Return to face to face AA meetings
Thursday June 11th 2020, 7:30-9:00 pm
Visit event page for details

Area 49 Virtual Workshop

Return of In-Person Meetings
Saturday June 20th 10am-noon
Visit event page for details

Group SIA Email Account

If your group is listed with SIA, it already has an SIA Email Account.
Visit the Group Email page for more info

Moving Your Group's Meetings Online

SIA has developed a solution for groups wishing to move their meetings online. This solution is FREE to groups and SIA and leverages the groups’ existing SIA email account (ending in suffolkny-aa.org) and Google Hangout Meets. If your group hasn’t claimed its SIA email account yet, this is the perfect opportunity to helped them do so. If your group has their account but has misplaced the password, we can help you reset it. If you’re just interested in helping as a moderator but don’t want to use your group’s account, we have a dedicated online meeting moderator account you can use. If your group would like to move your group’s meetings online or would just like to help SIA with one of our online meetings we encourage you to do the following:
  1. Participate in one of the SIA hosted meetings held nightly at 8pm. This will allow you see a well moderated online meeting in action.
  2. Volunteer to moderate a future meeting. SIA can support you as you grow comfortable with Google Meets and the role of moderator.
  3. You can then choose to run your group’s own online meeting, having acquired the necessary tools and experience by then.
  4. This meeting could be public to the entire SIA community or private to that you can share the link with a more limited audience

We hope your group opts for the former.

Here is a link to a set of instructions for moderators. This is an evolving document:


Here is a link to the script that we are using:


Here is a link to a sheet where you can sign up to moderate an upcoming meeting.


If you sign up for the first time, please email websup@suffolkny-aa.org your Name, Home Group and Phone Number.

Did you know ??

  • Suffolk has the only A.A. Hotline in the country staffed entirely by volunteers like YOU
  • 24/7 coverage means there are 14 shifts a week
  • Daytime shifts run from 8am to 8pm;
    Nighttime shift run from 8pm to 8am
  • WE NEED GROUPS to sign up for upcoming weeks
  • If your group can not cover all 14 shifts in the week, we will help you fill gaps in the coverage.
  • WE NEED INDIVIDUALS with 1 year of continuous sobriety to sign up
  • You do not need a physical Hotline Book to work the hotline — there is an online version accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone