Virtual Speaker Exchange

Find Guest Speakers for your Group!

Find Outgoing Speaking Commitments for your Group!

SIA is no longer hosting a

Virtual Speaker Exchange.

Instead, we will be posting information on how groups can register and participate in virtual exchanges held by neighboring counties.

Queens Intergroup

Queens Intergroup has invited us to participate in their speaker exchange held the first Saturday of every month at 9 AM.

Instructions and a link to register is emailed to interested parties a week before this exchange.

To be added to the mailing list receiving these instructions fill out the following form:

SIA is no longer hosting a virtual speaker exchange.

Instead, we encourage you to register for exchanges hosted by neighboring counties.

By signing up to this mailing list, you’ll receive information on how to register and participate in these other exchanges.

“Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”
— AA's 5th Tradition

Find Guest Speakers for your Group!

Find Outgoing Speaking Commitments for your Group!

  1. register all the slots you would like filled using this form
  2. you only need to submit the form once for all your slots — but be sure to be detailed in your description … see examples
  3. attend exchange … see details below
  4. at the exchange there will be several break-out rooms
  5. groups can move among the break-out rooms on their own
  6. groups in each room can exchange commitments
  7. groups rotate through break out rooms as many times as needed

that’s it, easy breezy!!!

To register for this event, please fill out the form on this page

Please describe the slots you need filled in detail:

Example 1: Every Fri @ 8PM; except last Fri of month; Closed Discussion – Topic of speakers choosing
Example 2: Every Sun @ 5PM – Beginners
Every Sun @ 6PM – Step
Every Wed @ 5 pm – Topic
Example 3: Every Tues @ 6:45PM
1st – OD, 2nd – Step, 3rd – OD, 4th – Trad
Example 4: Every Mon @ 6:30PM – Beg
Every Mon @ 7:30PM – Step
Every Thu @ 7:30PM – BB
Every Sat @ 7:30PM – OD, except Last Sat of month

Detailed Instructions

When and Where


Sat, Feb 5th @ 9AM



March Exchange