SIA Meeting List

SIA maintains the Suffolk County Meeting List – a list of all Groups who wish to be included along with their:

  • Meeting Name
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Times
  • Type of Meeting

This Meeting List is available on this website through the Meeting Finder and printed periodically as the Printed Meeting List

Table of Contents

Meeting List Updates

SIA does its best to keep the Meeting List up to date, but…

We Need Your Group’s Support and Your Help.

Please help us keep your group’s listing as up to date as possible.

  1. Check your group’s listing in the Meeting Finder and email any updates to the Meeting List Chair at meetings@­ .
  • Of particular interest during this period of re-openings:
    • if your meeting remains suspended due to COVID-19 concerns, is it marked as Temporarily Closed?
    • if your meeting has REOPENED (i.e. resumed regular in person, face to face meetings), is it marked as COVID Reopen Confirmed?
      If your group would like to be listed as REOPENED on the meeting list, send an email to the Meetings Chair at meetings@­ OR call the SIA Office at the number found at the top of this page.
    • many groups have reopened with certain requirements.
      Let us know exactly how you’d like to be listed!!
      For example:

      • Outdoor Meeting
      • Hybrid Meeting
      • (please specify LIMIT) attendees MAX
      • Mask Required
      • Mask Optional if Vaccinated
      • Social Distancing Required
      • Temperature Taken
      • Contact Tracing Log Kept
      • No food or beverages served
      • No food or beverages allowed
      • BYO Coffee
      • BYO Book
      • BYO Chair
    • if your meetings are marked as
      COVID Reopen Status Unknown
      , we have not heard from
      your group whether its meetings were unaffected, are currently suspended or have reopened.
      Send us an email confirming your status!
    • if your group is holding its meetings online, is that information listed correctly? Click here for more info on how to list your Zoom
    • once your group has REOPENED, will it continue holding online meetings?
    • a few groups are experimenting with blended in person / online meetings, otherwise known as HYBRID meetings
    • if you are no longer holding online meetings, have those meetings been removed from the meeting list?
  1. You can go one step further by updating all your group’s information, including meeting schedule, meeting
    location address as well as the contact information by filling out the Group Update Form and email it back to the Meetings Chair
  2. If you are registering a New Group/Meeting, you are REQUIRED to fill out the Group Update Form and email it back to the Meetings Chair

Please visit the Group Forms Page to download the form.

Online Meeting List

Looking for an AA meeting?

The Meeting Finder accessible from the menu at the top of this page is the best place to get the most current meeting information.

To view today’s IN PERSON meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select

To view today’s ONLINE meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select

Accessing Meeting Finder on a Desktop or Laptop computer

On a Mobile Phone or Tablet, click the three stacked bars

on the upper right of the screen to reveal the MENU.

Printed Meeting List

Looking for an updated printed meeting list?

Unfortunately, due to ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, meeting information is changing daily making it impractical, if not impossible to have an up to date printed meeting list.

The Meeting Finder is the best place to get the most current meeting information.

Past Meeting Lists

Print Date PDF File
March 2020 Printed List as PDF
November 2019 Printed List as PDF
July 2019 Printed List as PDF
March 2019 Printed List as PDF
November 2018 Printed List as PDF

Handout in Lieu of Printed Meeting List

It’s common practice to write down phone numbers for newcomers or anyone looking for phone numbers on a printed meeting list.

However, the meeting list is going through daily churn, making printed meeting lists less that ideal for finding meetings.

We’ve come up with this one page handout with instructions on how to use the website to get the latest meeting information, with room to write down phone numbers.