SIA Hotline

If you feel you have a problem with alcohol, there is help and hope. The SIA Hotline is open 24x7 to connect you with Alcoholics Anonymous groups and members that are there to help.

Learn more about how to use the Meeting Finder and the Meeting Guide App to search for IN PERSON, ONLINE, HYBRID and other types of meetings near you.

Google document to the bare essential instructions and vital links.

For volunteers working the Hotline, find all the necessary informationi in one convenient place.

Phone Volunteers Needed
The AA Hotline needs YOU and especially your group to sign up to answer the phones.
If your group is interested in signing up for a week, please find an open week in the table below and contact the Hotline Chair directly by emailing

If you as an individual are interested, please use the following online form or email the Hotline Chair directly.

12 Step Volunteers Needed
The phone volunteers can help callers immediate needs. But when a call comes in from an alcoholic with a genuine desire to stop drinking and needs to speak with an AA near them at length, the phone volunteers turn to the 12 Step volunteer list. 12th Step volunteers are needed to call ther person back to:
  • share their experience strength and hope
  • go on a 12th Step call with another A.A.
Find Forms on the Group Forms Page

AA member who would like to be added to the 12 Step Volunteer List, please use the following on form.

SIA Hotline Group Sign-Up Sheet

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