SIA Hotline Volunteer Info

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Thank You for Your Time Experience Strength Hope Compassion Service

It is vitally important that you read the information in this manual PRIOR to receiving Hotline calls. You are trying to save lives. Don’t take a chance.

Even if YOU have taken the Hotline many times before – Please READ the info.

Hotline Tips

  1. READ the front part of the book BEFORE you answer the phones!
  2. NO ANSWERING MACHINES: pick up promptly.
  3. You are a facilitator — don’t speak with any single person for more than 10 minutes.
  4. Use your judgment on whether or not the person needs real help or is just bored and wants someone to chat with.
  5. In the middle of the night, try to handle calls yourself. Don’t wake someone up to talk to a drunk who is “in the bottle.” Give the person a task and tell them to call back in the morning.
  6. DO NOT give out ANYONE’S number. YOU call the 12 stepper and he/she will call person needing help.
  7. DO NOT leave a message on anyone’s phone. (Anonymity)
  8. We will provide a ride to a meeting for out of town visitors, a newcomer for a first meeting, or someone just out of rehab. If the person has a home group or a list of names, have him call one of those names. We are not a taxi service.
  9. Fill out log AS DIRECTED.
  10. Read directions in Hotline book PRIOR to taking your first call.

How to Fill Out Log Sheet

FYI: If a person calls and speaks in a sexually abusive manner, you DO NOT have to be subjected to that. Simply hang up the phone. DO NOT ENGAGE. If the calls continue, feel free to use the whistle attached to this manual. Use your best judgment; remember the caller may be a sick and suffering alcoholic. “Some people are sicker than others.” Document the incidents on the log sheet.
  1. Date of Service
  2. Time of Call
  3. Name of Caller (optional)
  4. Phone Number of Caller
  5. Reason for Call
    1. Requests meeting info
    2. Needs a ride (see page)
    3. Requests AA info (other than meeting info)
    4. Requests other info (i.e. Al Anon, Heroin Anonymous, Talbot House #, etc.)
    5. Wants to talk to another alcoholic
    6. Pervert
  6. Additional notes( optional)
  7. Name of AA member contacted and Home Group
  8. Action to be taken
On Thursday 7/17, Mrs. Smith called for help because her daughter is drinking too much. She wants someone from AA to talk to her and bring her to a meeting. What to do?
Hotline Operator: Explain that you cannot talk to the daughter unless the daughter makes the call and requests help for herself. Encourage the mother to call Al Anon and provide her with that number.
Log Sheet would indicate:
Date Time Smith Phone # Reason Note
7/17 8:30 PM Smith no # provided help for daughter Provided Al Anon #

Hotline DO's

Your commitment begins at approximately 8 AM or 8 PM. Your district phone captain (or substitute) will call you to make sure your telephone is receiving the Hotline calls made to (631) 669-1124. If you have not gotten the verification call by 8:10 AM or 8:10 PM, please contact your district phone captain or your group phone person. Those numbers should be on the Hotline phone sheet on the first page of this manual.
  1. Answer your phone promptly. DO NOT let the call go to the answering machine. Keep your line free. Keep incoming calls brief.
  2. Announce yourself: “This is (your first name). May I help you?” Please try to sound interested and happy to be of service. Your tone sets the tone. Remember the caller may be suffering.
  3. Be patient and listen with compassion. Does the caller want help for himself or for a family member with an alcohol problem? Refer family members to Al Anon. Remember this is a program of attraction, not promotion. Do not talk for a long period of time (10-15 minutes tops), let a local 12 Step volunteer talk to them. You don’t want to tie up the Hotline and prevent other calls from coming in.
  4. Get the caller’s name, telephone number and area he lives in. WRITE it on the BACK of the Log Sheet. If there is a THREAT OF SUICIDE and it persists, keep the person talking, try to get name, address and phone number and call the POLICE on another line or call 911 IMMEDIATELY upon hanging up. In case of a medical emergency, DTs, convulsion, etc., have someone call 911. Give authorities the nature of the problem and the telephone number of the caller and follow any suggestions given. DON’T PANIC.
  5. Assure the caller that someone will be contacting him in a short time the same day or evening.
  6. Terminate the call. “Thank you for calling AA. Good-bye, (caller’s name).
  7. Call an AA volunteer in the caller’s area. Men with the men, women with the women. Keep calling until you get a positive response. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE on an answering machine! If you get no satisfaction in the caller’s area, try a neighboring town. (See maps in manual for adjacent locations)
  8. Record the name, telephone number and Home Group of the person who responded positively to your call on the BACK of the log sheet.
  9. Please record any needed changes in the 12 Step Call list information in your book and notify your group phone captain or district phone captain. He will forward that vital information to other captains so that all the Hotline books can be corrected. Changes to be noted may include wrong numbers, incorrect availability times, person no longer able to provide service, etc. Use your best judgment.
  10. Deliver your book and the Log sheet to the next appropriate person on the Hotline list. You have 24 hours to accomplish that.
Make sure you are clear about what AA can and cannot do:
  1. We cannot give attendance reports for those people mandated by the courts to AA.
  2. We cannot provide any acknowledgement of AA affiliation.
  3. We are not a taxi service. If someone wants a ride to a meeting, advise him to call a member of his Home Group. The Hotline is not the appropriate vehicle for a ride to a meeting.
  4. We WILL provide contact with an AA volunteer and possible ride for a newcomer, a sick and suffering alcoholic or an out of town visitor.
If the caller requests a speaker and/ or literature, refer him to the SIA office at 631 654 1150. Business hours are 9AM – 3PM Monday through Friday; 9 AM – 1 PM Saturday.

Hotline DO NOTS

  1. NEVER give out anyone’s name or telephone number from the 12 Step Call list. This information is confidential. It is only for your use to refer calls for help. If the caller insists on speaking to a certain person and you have that person’s telephone number, take the caller’s name and number and YOU call the person and give them the message. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY NAMES OR NUMBERS!
  2. NEVER give out anyone’s last name, even to another member of AA. This is an anonymous program. Each person may decide for HIMSELF whether to use his last name or not. It is not your decision to make.
  3. DO NOT identify yourself as the AA Hotline to whomever answers the phone. Make sure you are speaking ONLY to the AA volunteer before announcing who you are.
  4. ONLY relay calls for help from sick and suffering alcoholics.
  5. Do not relay requests for rides from local AA members. Suggest, kindly, that he call a member of his home group. The Hotline is NOT a taxi service. Visiting AA members should be referred to a person on the list from the nearest local group. Only AA visitors, newcomers, rehab and detox releases should get priority treatment for rides.
  6. It is not advised that you give out your own telephone number to callers. Suggest the caller continue to call the AA Hotline number: 631 669 1124.
  8. DO NOT leave a message on any answering machine.
  9. DO NOT leave the phone unattended. DO NOT let your answering machine pick up. Your commitment is only for 12 hours. Be present. You are saving lives.

General Instructions

  • Calls related to PRISON INMATES seeking pre-release information should be referred to the “Bridging the Gap” Program of Suffolk General Services.. Take caller’s information and relay that info to {corrections chair?}. Inform caller that someone will be in touch with him.
  • Jail releases and/or questions regarding corrections should be referred to Kevin, the SIA Corrections chair. He can be contacted through the SIA office (631 654 1150) or at
  • Questions about meetings: times, locations, types of meetings, etc. should be handled by you. A current meeting list book for Suffolk Co. and for Nassau Co. are located in the back of this manual. Inform caller that meeting list info is also available on the SIA website:
  • Suffolk Co Spanish Intergroup Office is located at:
    • 82 Main Street
    • Patchogue, NY
    • 631 639 4181
  • Hearing Impaired Relay: Deaf/Hearing Impaired to Hearing person: 1800 662 1220
  • Requests for Interventions should be referred to:
    • NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
    • 1 800 522 5353
  • For other NON-Alcoholic, emotional, psychological problems or non alcoholics who just want to talk to someone, refer callers to
    • Suffolk County Crisis Center
    • 24 Hour Response Hotline
    • 751 7500

Foreign Language Speakers

The following AA members are available to take Hotline calls from speakers of other languages:
Language Name Area Phone
German Brigitte M Lindenhurst 631 957 8069
Portuguese Manny North Babylon 631 587 6628
Polish Russian Ukrainian Darek Copiague 631 943 6749
Arnulfo Spanish Brentwood/CI 347 582 7718

Telephone Info

  1. If your home, cell phone has “Home Voice Mail” When the Hotline is connected to your home, your service will remain in place. This means that if someone calls the Hotline, your machine will pick up and the caller will have access to any information you have on your outgoing message. It is suggested that you temporarily turn off your answering machine. DO NOT LET THE HOTLINE GO TO YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE.
  2. If your home phone has “Anonymous Call Rejection” This service blocks all incoming calls that originate from a private number. We ask that you deactivate this feature by dialing (*87) for the 12 hour period you have the Hotline. To re-activate this service, dial (*77) when your commitment is completed
  3. If you would like to use the “Per Call Blocking Service” If you would like to block your telephone number when calling back a 12 Step Call, dial (*67). This will prevent the person you are calling to view your home telephone on the “Caller ID”. If the person you are calling back has “Anonymous Call Rejection”, you must hang up and redial without using (*67). If you would like to cancel “Call Waiting” If you are calling back a 12 Step Call and do not want to be interrupted, dial (*70) to deactivate “Call Waiting.” This must be done for each call you make.
  4. If the telephone you call has “All Call Blocking” or “Anonymous Call Rejection” This service blocks your name and telephone number from appearing on or getting through to a telephone with “Caller ID”, if your phone is private. If the telephone you call has this feature, you must release your home number by dialing (*82) each time you make a call.
  5. If you have “Restricted/ Limited Service” Please be sure of your regional or long distance service. You may be responsible for calling outside the area that your service allows, to follow up or contact someone for a 12 Step Call.
  6. The Hotline does NOT have “Call Waiting”. Your home telephone will continue to receive calls while you may be on the Hotline. If more than one person tries to call the Hotline, they will get a busy signal and may not call back. Please make your calls short, but efficient so you can help as many people as possible.


Intergroups / Gen Svce Offices / Hotlines

AA Entity Phone Website
Suffolk SIA Hotline 631-669-1124
Suffolk SIA Office 631-654-1150
Nassau Co Hotline 516-292-3040
Nassau Intergroup 516-292-3045
Brooklyn Hotline 718-851-3039
Brooklyn 718-851-3039
Orange Co 845-534-8525
Rockland Co 845 352 1112
Sullivan 866 498 5686
New York City 212 647 1680
SENY 718 665 1253
AA General Services 212 870 3400

Spanish Language Entities

AA Entity Phone Website
Spanish Suffolk Intergroup 631-639-4181
Spanish Speaking Nassau 516-223-9590
Spanish Speaking NYC 212-647-1680

Al Anon and Alateen

AA EntityPhoneWebsite

Other 12 Step Fellowships

Heroin Anon (Angela) 631 682 6686
Cocaine Anon Hotline 800 347 8998
Narcotics Anonymous 631 689 6262
Nar-Anon Hotline 631 582 6465
Debtors Anonymous 212 969 8111
Gamblers Anonymous 855 222 5542
Child Abuse 800 342 3720
Domestic Violence 631 329 2200
Rape Hotline 631 360 3607
Suicide Hotline 631 751 7500
Violence Shelter 631 666 8833

Sobering Up Stations

a safe place – no money needed

Suffolk Talbot House 30 Carlough Road Bohemia, NY 11716 631 589 4144
Nassau Maryhaven Center of Hope (formerly) New Hope Crisis Center Freeport, NY 516 546 7070

Medical Detox

Available for Acute Alcohol Withdrawal

Southside Hospital Bay Shore, NY 631 698 3000
Huntington Hospital Huntington, NY 631 351 2000
Stony Brook University Hospital Stony Brook, NY 631 689 8333
Good Samaritan Hospital West Islip, NY 631 346 4444
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Patchogue, NY 631 854 1222
Southampton Hospital Southampton, NY 631 726 8200
Mather Memorial Hospital Port Jefferson, NY 631 331 8200
St. Charles Hospital Port Jefferson, NY 631 474 6000
Eastern Long Island Hospital Greenport, NY 631 477 1000

Suffolk County - Detox Facilities

Suffolk County – Detox Facilities
Agency Phone City Website
Catholic Charities – Talbot House 631-589-4144 Bohemia
Catholic Charities – Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services 631-543-6200 Commack
Quannacut Detoxification Program 631-369-8977 Greenport http://www.elih.ora/
Mather Memorial Hospital Alcoholism/Substance Abuse/Detox 631-476-2747 Port Jefferson

Suffolk County - Inpatient Facilities

Suffolk County – Inpatient Facilities
Agency Phone City Website
Quannacut Inpatient Rehabilitation Program 631-369-8977 Greenport
Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center 631-434-7200 West Brentwood

Suffolk County - Residential Facilities

Suffolk County – Residential Facilities
Agency Phone City Website
Outreach Project – Outreach House II 631-231-3232 Brentwood http://opiny.ora/
Morning Star Community 631-643-0849 Dix Hills
Phoenix Houses of LI – Hauppauge Center 631-979-0922 Hauppauge
Phoenix Houses of LI. Ronkonkoma Center, Women’s Program 631-471-5666 Lake Ronkonkoma
Phoenix Houses of Li – Mother and Child Program 631-471-5666 Lake Ronkonkoma
Phoenix Houses of LI – Male Facility 631-537-2891 Wainscott
Phoenix Houses of LI – Phoenix Academy 631-537-2891 Wainscott
Phoenix Houses of LI – Brentwood Mental Health Services 631-306-5710 West Brentwood
Phoenix Houses of Li – Brentwood Reclaim/Aftercare 631-306-5700 West Brentwood

Suffolk County - Day Treatment Facilities

Suffolk County – Day Treatment Facilities
Agency Phone City Website
Outreach Project – Women’s Day Treatment 631-286-0700 Bellport
Catholic Charities Chemical Dependency Services 631-543-6200 Commack
Daytop Adolescent Day Treatment 631-351-7112 Huntington

Suffolk County - Outpatient Facilities Agency

Suffolk County. Outpatient Facilities Agency
Agency Phone City
Hope for Youth Family Service Center 831-842-7900 Amityville
Town of Babylon Divison of Drug & Alcohol Services 681-789-8700 Amityville
Family Recovery Center 631-647-3100 Bay Shore
Outreach Project Adult Outpatient Services 631-286-0700 Bellport
Acceso Alcoholism Clinic 631-436-6065
Brentwood Access Dually Diagnosed Program 631-436-6066 Brentwood
YMCA Family Services 631-580-7777 Centereach
Catholic Charities Chemical Dependency Services 631-543-3200 Commack
Family Recovery Center 631-329-3919 East Hampton
Phoenix Houses of LI – East Hampton OP 601-329-0373 East Hampton
Family Recovery Center – Brookhaven Family Center 631-924-3741 East Yaphank
Catholic Charities Chemical Dependency Services 631-723-3362 Hampton Bays
Daytop Suffolk Outreach 631-351-7112 Huntington
Huntington Drug & Alcohol Project 631-271-3591 Huntington
Pederson-Krag Center 631-920-8002 Huntington
Access Drug Treatment 631-224-5330
YMCA, The Place 631-261-2670 Northport
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center – Alcoholism Services 631-854-1222 Patchogue
Mather Memorial Hospital Alcoholism/Substance Abuse 631-331-8200 Port Jefferson Station
Alternatives: East End Counseling Centers, Inc. 631-369-1200 >Riverhead

Suffolk County - Opioid Treatment Svces (Methadone)

Suffolk County – Opioid Treatment Svces (Methadone)
Agency Phone Website
Hauppauge Intake and Maintenance Program 631-853-8500
East End Methadone Maintenance Program 631-852-2680

Phone Numbers for Online Meetings

Please help us keep this list current by letting us know if any of these numbers are incorrect or unreachable.