SENY - Intergroup Liaison Meeting

Organized by the SENY Liaison ChairHosted by the Intergroups on a rotating schedule.

A monthly meeting to foster better communication between Intergroups and between local GS Offices and local Intergroups.

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Note: IO/CO is the acronym commonly used to denote Intergroup Office or Central Office
From ICOAA – Annual Intergroup/ Central Offices, AAWS, AAGV Seminar
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MG-02 – A.A. Guidelines on Central or Intergroup Offices
Box 459 – Aug/Sep 2007 – IO/COs: AA’s Front Line
Box 459 – Fall 2017 – IO/COs: Then & Now

Next Meeting

Next Meeting
Sun, Dec 17th @ 2PM

All Intergroups, AA entities and anyone else are welcome to join in an exchange of issues and their solutions.


SENY-Intergroup Liasion
Online Portion

ZOOM Mtg ID: 941 2170 5886
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(929) 205-6099

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Meeting Notes

Jan 16, 2022 Link to Google Doc
Dec 19, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Nov 21, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Sep 19, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Aug 15, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Jul 18, 2021 Link to Google Doc
June 20, 2021 Link to Google Doc
May 16, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Apr 21, 2021 N/A
Mar 21, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Feb 21, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Jan 17, 2021 Link to Google Doc
Dec 20, 2020 Link to Google Doc
Sep 20, 2020 Link to Google Doc
Aug 16, 2020 Link to Google Doc
Aug 9, 2020 Link to Google Doc

Contact Info

Past meetings’ attendees and their contact info:

County Positiion Name Email
SENY Archives Chair Hank G.
SENY Intergroup Liaison Mel
SENY Alternate Delegate Tom B
Brooklyn DCMC Colleen V.
Brooklyn ChairIntergroup Mike B
Manhattan DCMC Mike
Nassau Literature Bill C.
Nassau Asst Treas carol m :
Nassau Webmaster Cory B
Nassau Speaker Exchange Elise M
Nassau Chair Person Kevin McH.
Nassau Rec Secy Mike F
Nassau 2nd Vice Chair Steve S.
New York Interim ED Ernest G
New York Group Relations Mario L.
Queens Webmaster Jo Ann
Queens Intergroup Advisor John Francis
Queens Literature Roslyn
Rockland Website Diane M
Rockland GSR Secretary Jose Picado
Rockland GS Liason Kevin
Rockland H&I Chair Thomas K.
Staten Island Rec Secy Gail W.
Staten Island Grapevine Chair Jeannette K
Staten Isle Intergroup Chairperson Frank C
Staten Islsand DMC Peggy B
Suffolk DCMC Christine D
Suffolk Webmaster David V
Suffolk Chair Person Jean-Marie
Suffolk Alt-chair Lee B
Westchester DCMC Rich