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SIA does not confirm or otherwise vet meeting information for accuracy or completeness, nor does it check or confirm that particular meetings are being held in compliance with any laws or regulations imposed by the state, local government or meeting facility (including COVID-19 related requirements or other health and safety considerations)

Meetings that have confirmed they have resumed face to face or in person meetings are marked as COVID Reopen Confirmed in the Meeting Finder. Check the meeting notes carefully for special instructions (e.g., Outdoor Meeting, Mask Requried, Social Distancing Required, BYO Chair / Book / Coffee). To view today’s REOPENED meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select

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Meetings for which we have no updated information are marked as COVID Reopen Status Unknown in the Meeting Finder. To view TODAY’s COVID Reopen Status Unknown meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select

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We are eager to hear from groups that would like to confirm their REOPENED STATUS. Click here for detailed instructions on how to update your group’s listing.

Upcoming Re-Openings

The following meetings are reopening soon:
Town Group Reopen Date
Lk Ronkonkoma Bag of Beans Oct 1st, 7:00pm

Meeting Guide App

The AA Meeting Guide App is a free of charge meeting finder app for iOS and Android that provides meeting information from hundreds of intergroups and other A.A. service entities, nation-wide, in an easy-to-access format.Because we are limited in what information we can push to the meeting guide app, COVID Reopen Status Unknown meetings and Temporarily Closed meetings will be displayed similarly — both the group name and meeting location will be displayed using strikethrough text. (e.g. THE STATUS UNKNOWN GROUP)

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Your Group and the Meeting List

SIA does its best to keep the Meeting List up to date, but…

We Need Your Group’s Support and Your Help.

For complete instructions on how you can submit an update to your Group’s Listing on the Meeting List, please visit the following link:

Meeting List Update Instructions

Hybrid Meetings

This information on HYBRID meetings is here to aid your group’s discussion on how best to resume regular meetings. It is not meant as a recommendation or a guide on what to do.

As groups resume regular face to face meetings, the question arises of what to do with their online meetings?

  1. Discontinue online meetings
  2. Continue holding online meetings in addition to REOPENED regular meetings as entirely separate meetings (These might be held on the same days and times but would NOT be considered HYBRID)
  3. Hold online meetings alongside REOPENED regular meetings as HYBRID meetings

A HYBRID meeting is the practice of holding a regular face to face meeting and an online meeting simultaneously as one single blended or HYBRID meeting.

  • Allows your group to overcome attendance capacity limits at your physical venue.
    • Participants arriving after the limit is reached, could easily and quickly join the meeting from outside the venue, such as from the comfort of their vehicle
    • OR
    • someone already inside could volunteer their spot to another in more need, such as a newcomer or a member without the ability to join an online meeting
  • Allows a member in a high risk group or with accessibility issues to participate in regular meetings
  • There are various issues, both practical and technical, that need to be worked out to allow these meetings to run smoothly
    • Anonymity concerns
    • Is there a good Internet connection at the venue?
    • How to avoid having multiple people handle a microphone or other device, or do so in a safe manner
    • … to list but a few
  • There may be those who wish to participate in a regular face to face meeting, but do not want to be part of an online meeting
  • May discourage attendance at face to face meetings, when to do so would be possible and advantageous

Hybrid Meetings - Examples

From Suffolk County:

Hybrid Meeting Examples in Suffolk County

From a recent SENY Tech Workshop:

Hybrid Meetings Experience & Suggestions

Note: On the SIA meeting list, a HYBRID meeting will have a single entry for both the REOPENED and ONLINE portions. To view today’s HYBRID meetings go to the menu at the top of this page and select

OR use this URL:

In the AA Meeting Guide App , HYBRID meetings will be displayed with both the distance to meeting and a video camera or phone icon.

Considerations for Re-Opening

There are many thorny issues to contend with in deciding when and how best to re-open your group’s meetings.

Here are some useful resources

Please note: These resources are intended to provide you with information for your group, not to tell your group what to do. It is up to the group to have an informed group conscience.

From SENY Delegate

Excerpted From:

Reopening Meeting Spaces Safely

Bearing in mind the Traditions, here are questions your group may wish to consider:
  • Has your home group scheduled a group conscience or business meeting to consider resuming face-to-face meetings?
  • Is your group familiar with the latest CDC, state, and local regulations concerning large group meetings? Where can these regulations be found? How can these regulations be communicated to the group?
  • Has your group considered how its actions and decisions could affect other groups, or could affect AA as a whole?
  • Will your group’s regular meeting place limit capacity while following government mandates regarding physical distancing? If not, how will your group meet the needs of alcoholics and also avoid controversy?
  • Will your home group consider the use of online or call-in meetings during live, face- to-face meetings and why would this option be considered? If online or call-in meetings are utilized during a live, face-to-face meeting, will this raise issues of anonymity?
  • Concerning COVID-19, should our group be concerned with any legal liability issues? If so, what might these be?
  • Will hospitality service continue? If so, what safety measures could your group adopt?
  • Will your group supply hand sanitizer? If not, how will your group conduct meetings safely?
  • Will your group continue to share literature between members during in-person meetings?
  • If masks are required, will your group supply a mask for those without one? Will the greeter’s role be expanded to offer masks? Will there be a need to create new group service commitments regarding safety? Will a member be asked to leave if they do not wear a mask—And how can this be handled lovingly?
  • How will your group practice Tradition 7? Has your group considered vectors in passing a physical basket? If so, how can the basket be passed safely?
  • How has your group considered following government regulations in light of practicing the Traditions—specifically Traditions 4, 5, 10 and 11?

Questions to Consider Before Reopening

Some questions to consider before reopening an AA group/meeting for face to face meetings:
  1. Have you discussed with your landlord (LL) their readiness to have you resume meeting? Is such a conversation needed?
  2. Does the LL impose any restrictions on the meeting over and above those required by Federal, State and County (government) public health authorities in order to resume meeting?
  3. How will the group accommodate the LL’s requirements if any? Be specific.
  4. Is the group aware of any requirements coming from government (such as the wearing of masks, meeting size limits and social distancing) that might restrict or shape resumed meetings?
  5. How will the group accommodate any requirements coming from government that might restrict its meetings? Be specific.
  6. If the meeting is restricted by LL and/or government requirements, how will the group try to assure cooperation when participants choose to flout the requirements?
  7. Are there additional voluntary suggestions coming from the LL or government for safely resuming meetings?
  8. Are there additional ideas supporting safely resuming meetings?
  9. Will the group need to provide any extra supplies (such as disinfectant or masks) to maintain/support the meeting?
  10. Will the group need to consider disinfecting common surfaces before or after meetings?
  11. Are there concerns related to the sharing of books, the common handling of the basket or the provision of refreshments during meetings?
  12. Does the group have access to additional rooms where overflow could be accommodated?
  13. Are meetings in parking lots and/or public spaces a way to handle overflow?
  14. If in the past the group typically drew more attendees than can now be effectively accommodated under any restrictions, how will that be handled?
  15. Is the group prepared to turn attendees away if their attendance violates any new meeting requirements?
  16. If the group has a greeter, will their role change in light of any of the above?
  17. How will all group members support the group’s managing any new responsibilities taken on in order to resume meeting?
  18. Has the group considered how it will respond if requested to cooperate with local health department contact tracing efforts?
  19. Has the group considered not reopening until such time as it can meet unrestricted?
  20. When will the group reopen, and how will that reopening be communicated locally?
  21. If the group has been meeting via Zoom or some other virtual platform, will those meetings continue in any form after the group reopens?
  22. Are there ways to combine face to face and virtual meetings as one?
  23. What lessons for carrying the message (Step 12 and Tradition 5) have been learned during this time of challenge?
  24. Have we become more sensitive to accessibility issues routinely experienced by some members even before this time of challenge?
  25. Has the group continued to pay rent for its meeting space even though not meeting?
  26. Should the group seek forgiveness or a refund for rent due or paid for the time it could not meet?
  27. If the group embraced an electronic channel for receiving contributions (such as Apple Pay, Cash-App, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle), should it maintain that channel once it is meeting again?
Download Handout:
Questions to Consider Before Reopening
(Reopening Questions.wpd/pdf-Rev. 5/18/2020 – courtesy of Nassau Intergroup)

Other Areas' Info

We are posting other areas’ info and guidance to their members.

We are in no way adopting or endorsing these other areas’ guidance. We are simply re-posting here as an aid to your own group’s discussion.

Area 48 - Northeastern New York State

Area 48 (Hudson, Mohawk, Berkshire) has released this Ad-Hoc Committee Report to assist its members in discussing reopening.

Brooklyn Intergroup

An example of how one group in Brooklyn went about developing it’s guidelines on REOPENING


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