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Suffolk Intergroup Association and
Suffolk General Services Present the Big Meeting
Due to unforseen circumstances the Big Meeting will not be held on June 26th as previously planned.
The new date is to be announced...

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Action At the Archives:
     We can report that the work of the Archives has paid off! Among the requirements of the U.S. Postal Service for a bulk mailing, a publication must have an issue number. Since the SIA Bulletin has gone to this type of mailing to save money, it  had to have this information.  Where to start? The question became how long has the Bulletin been published?  The answer lay in the Archives.. Due to the diligent and sometimes tedious work by office volunteer Linda from Riverhead,  we have all of our SIA Bulletins organized and in archival plastic covers. As such, it was no sweat to backtrack to the first Bulletin, which was published in May, 1973.  Therefore, the June, 2004  newsletter becomes Volume 31, issue 2, as seen in the masthead this month.                                                          - Archives continued on page 4
Sixth Step For Her Meant
No God, No Peace;
Know God, Know Peace
     In Step Six I had to confront the need to change my attitudes and behaviors.  So I had to become entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character I had uncovered in the previous Steps. To me this was a preparation Step, not an action Step.  My part in this was to become entirely ready, which was a process in itself.  I had to become ready for God's deepest work that  was yet to come.
     It wasn't easy looking at myself, and every time I saw a defect of character it brought me to my knees.  The reason why I was brought to my knees and was so hard on myself with my defects was because I was incapable of seeing any of my assets.
     I then had to learn to admit to the defect, accept the defect,  and surrender to it. Only then did I have peace.  This did not mean that my defect was removed; it only meant that I accepted it. Acceptance was, and is, my serenity.          
Know God continued on page 4
Does Life Get Any Better?  Please Read This to Find the Answer
     Folks; being unemployed and unemployable, on January 5, 1990, I  no longer could live with or without alcohol.  I tried blowing (out) what little brains I had left with a shotgun.  Thank God the gun did not go off.   On January 6, 1990, I went into detox just trying to find a better life that a few of my friends had found.  I had heard the suggestions but it took another year to sink in.  On January 5, 1991, I received my second DWI on the George Washington Bridge, by the same cop, and both times on a Monday morning.  January 6, 1991,  I surrendered to the Fellowship and started working the program AA's way.  
     Never will I say I did everything 100 percent right,  but I did the best I could - which included (finding) a great sponsor, (joining) the best home group in New Jersey,  service work, reading, studying, and applying and scattering the Big Book.   
     Well,  now I am into my 13th year of total, honest sobriety. I met a wonderful girl 12 years my junior.  From the day I met her I fell in love with her. When we talk she is able to finish my sentences, which she does most of the time.  So on Friday the 13th, in my 13th year of being sober, I placed a deposit on a ring.  While on my knees at Medieval Times, during a knighting ceremony, in front of Joan's (that's her name) three children,  I asked for her hand in marriage.  She said yes. (The three-carat diamond ring helped I think).     I started to get ready to move into her lakeview house in Sparta.  
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Celebrate AA's 69th Anniversary!
Come hear CO-Founder Doctor Bob tell his story in a rare recording from 1948. Join us for this special meeting. 8:00 pm Thursday June 10th, 04 @ the SIA Office...